Roommate Wanted: The Sharing Space Series Book One

It’s official: Chloe Brooks is having the worst week ever.

  • Her roommate has just moved out with no notice, leaving Chloe little time to find a replacement
  • The pressure is on at work as she vies for a big promotion
  • And she just caught her boyfriend in bed with another woman

She doesn’t need any more complications, but that’s exactly what Chloe gets when Patrick Murphy shows up on her doorstep.

Life is good for Patrick Murphy.

  • He has an agent who can help kickstart his acting career
  • His relationship with his best friends has never been tighter
  • And he’s saved up enough money to finally move into the city

Now if he can just find a place to live…

There are many reasons why they shouldn’t be together: They’re both focusing on their careers, Chloe is coming out of a nasty breakup, and is it ever a good idea to date your roommate?

Roommate Wanted Cover

Roommate Wanted is the first book in the Sharing Space series, a contemporary romance about an interracial couple who ignore all the reasons why they shouldn’t be together to focus on the one reason they should: love.

Roommate Wanted will be available for Kindle devices in September 2013. A new volume will be available every 2-3 weeks.

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