Sharing Space 2, The Witness, and More

Hey guys,

I know it’s been awhile. If you follow me on Twitter you know that most of my time has been spent growing Project Fandom, the entertainment website I own. When I’m not managing the content and writers there, I’m writing my own reviews or recording one of the many podcasts we produce. It’s kept me super busy and not always allowed me the time I want to write fiction.

But that recently changed and I’m so excited to share my upcoming projects with you. Let me give you an update on what’s to come and when you can expect it.

Sharing Space 2 

Just like the first time, this will be a serialized publication with each new book released every 4-6 weeks. It is currently a five-book series with all but the final book completely written. I’ve been working with a new editor, who is fantastic. I put out a call to my friends earlier this year, hoping to get referrals for one or two Black women editors (#SupportBlackWomen) and I got back an embarrassment of riches. The editor I chose has been extremely helpful in ensuring the Sharing Space series is the best it can be and worthy of the love we have for the characters. Sadly, she experienced a sudden loss in her family and needs some time to process and mourn. She offered her current clients a refund or the choice to reschedule. I chose reschedule.

For one thing, I completely understand what death and grief can do to your life; I’ve lost three people I loved dearly in the last four years. It didn’t seem fair to add losing work to everything she’s dealing with. Secondly, guys, she’s so damn good. For real. I will go into details in the books’ acknowledgments, but I’m not overselling it when I say she has been instrumental in improving the story I created for the next chapter in Chloe’s and Patrick’s lives.

You can expect Sharing Space 2 Book One: New Rules by mid-June. So, one more month, but I think it will be worth the wait.


Lily in the Middle 

This is painful and I don’t think I’ve ever expressed what happened with this book to anyone – not even my husband.

Let me start by saying that I love Lily Hartwell. She is brilliant, funny, and complex. And I wasn’t doing her story justice. I went through so many re-writes and nothing felt like it was working. And I can’t even explain why. It’s just not the story I envisioned so I set it aside.

I’m not giving up, though. I’m just no longer willing to rush it and I had to give myself permission to table it for its own good. As much as I didn’t want to disappoint all the readers who’d been waiting for it, it would have been more disappointing to all of us if I put out a shitty book. I believe you’ll be reading about Lily one day.


The Witness

I’ll have an official synopsis to share soon, but I can tell you now that The Witness is about an attorney hired to take on a major corporation based in Portland, Oregon. Will an attack on her life stop her from getting justice for her client? Can the sexy detective with his own secrets protect her?

You’ll find out this summer.


The Donor

A woman awakens from a ten-year coma to find her family has moved on without her. (Early 2019)


A Year-Long Detour

I cannot believe it’s been little more than a year since I’ve posted here, and checked in with you guys. Then again, a lot of this past year has gone by in a haze of stress and grief.

One of my best friends died in October of 2014. It was unexpected and affected me in ways I wasn’t fully aware of until recently.

This year, my website (Project Fandom) flourished, my podcasts grew, and I took on more writers. I collaborated on a five-book series with a friend, so I was writing. I was definitely doing things, things I enjoyed, but I wasn’t doing everything I wanted to do.

And it’s time for that to change.

I’ve spent the past two weeks mapping out my 2016 releases. Hopefully, you’re all still interested enough to read them.

  • February 2016: Lily in the Middle
  • June 2016: Sharing Space sequel (told in six parts)
  • September 2016: A book of short stories
  • December 2016/January 2017: CHRONOS Files novel for Kindle Worlds

I’m also working on a graphic novel and web series, both illustrated by my daughter.

So, apologies for my absence and thank you to everyone who kept checking in, asking about my upcoming books. That meant a lot.


A Special Announcement and Upcoming Books Schedule

The past eleven days have been really hard. I lost one of my best friends. It was sudden. And it hurts. While I was mourning for her, I had to move forward with the release of my latest book because it was too late for me to do anything else. It didn’t occur to me until earlier today that I’ve seen friends and family promote the new book, but I’d yet to do so. I also hadn’t shared some pretty amazing news about an upcoming books series I was asked to write. So, here’s all the latest and I apologize for my absence.

Rysa Walker, author of The CHRONOS Files books series, asked me to write my own series of books based in that universe for Amazon’s Kindle Worlds.

The first book in the series, Timebound, won the 2013 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award. I read it before it came out as a Kindle First selection and loved it. When my Goodreads review of the book went out as a tweet, Rysa followed me on Twitter. We chatted a bit over the past year and I was excited to learn that book 2, Time’s Edge, was coming out in October of this year.

At the same time I was trying to work with John (my Content Manager over at Project Fandom) in figuring out how to feature the entire series (2 books, 1 novella) on our book club podcast, Rysa reached out and asked if I would like to write my own CHRONOS series. She started as an indie author and tries to help other indie authors find a larger audience. Writing a CHRONOS series of my own would introduce me to her existing audience and introduce them to my other work, which I will still be writing in 2015 (Lily in the Middle, Sharing Space sequel, etc.).

While I was never actively against fan fiction, it didn’t appeal to me as a writer. Why would I want to write about Harry Potter and other characters someone else created? I’d rather create my own. So, when I was asked, I was a bit concerned about that. Rysa supplied me with an expansive ‘world guide’ and it was made clear that I could not only create my own characters, if I wanted to I could incorporate hers and do whatever I want with them (I won’t!). Because the CHRONOS universe is about time travel (you guys know I love time travel), she explained that I could do whatever I wanted and take my characters wherever and whenever I wanted. That really sealed the deal for me.

I will be spending the next few months reading book 1 again, the novella, and book 2 – not just because they’re our winter book club selection – to immerse myself in the CHRONOS world and with the world guide as my… guide, I’ll be creating my own adventures. I hope you’ll follow along.


And here’s when you can expect my other books:

The Twin Prophecies: Origins (Available Now)

The Twin Prophecies Origins

Lily in the Middle (Spring 2015)


Sharing Space sequel (Summer 2015)

Book One: CHRONOS Files series for Kindle Worlds (Fall 2015)