Be Fearless. Be Fierce.

I quit my job to write books. That’s the short of it. I’ll share the long of it over the next few weeks.

Is it risky? Sure. Is it crazy? Maybe. Am I happy? Absolutely.

Here’s the email I sent to the company after my resignation had been accepted.

Remember when you were a kid and people would ask what you wanted to be when you grew up? For a time I would say, “A Dallas Cowboys cheerleader… and a doctor.” And then for a time it was, “Brooke Shields.” But eventually it was, “A writer,” and it remained that way forever.

So, I am leaving The Clymb to be a writer, full-time. I’ve published a few books, made a few bucks, and it occurred to me that the only way to make more bucks is to write more books. I’ll be 40 this summer (I know, right? I don’t look a day over 30! Black don’t crack.) and I think that means I’ve “grown up.”

I’m super sad because I love you all, (especially you; you know who you are), but I’m not leaving Portland so we’ll stay in touch. You can call me (xxx-xxx-xxxx) anytime (except when Scandal’s on) or email me ( You can also hang out at my website ( or friend me on Facebook (Nina Perez – I’m the one with this face). You can also buy my books on Amazon. You know, if you want.

I’m excited! I won’t be able to afford Beyonce tickets for awhile. But I’ll just go out there and be my own Beyonce. But, like, the Beyonce of books.


Typing Pic

My new job.