Smexy is a Thing

While having lunch with an editor friend at Bridgeport Brewery, I asked what she was working on. She replied, “A series of smexy books.”

She then proceeded to fan herself with a napkin.

If you haven’t figured it out by now, smexy is a mix of smut and sexy.

I read 50 Shades of Grey last year, along with millions of others. How could I not? Between the allegations of plagiarism and personally knowing two women who were reading it, but afraid to admit so in public, it was unavoidable. While it did have many flaws, I saw the appeal. The parts meant to tap into what it feels like to take part in a dangerous attraction hit their mark. Not being familiar with the erotica genre or the BDSM lifestyle, I couldn’t speak to the book’s authenticity there. It didn’t, however, entertain me enough to read the next two.

But watching my friend fan herself was quite an endorsement so when the Blurred Lines series by Breena Wilde became available, I bought volume 1.

Holy shit. I guess I should stop saying that I don’t like this genre, because I couldn’t put these books down.

Blurred Lines

WARNING: This series is intended for adults. It contains all kinds of sex and bad words. The author is not responsible for pregnancies or sexual encounters which may occur as a result of reading these books. Personal note: If one of these books is the last thing you read before falling asleep, you may have naughty dreams. About Jon Hamm. You’re welcome. Mild spoilers below.

The Blurred Lines series¬†follows a prostitute named Cadence. She’s one trick away from leaving the life behind when she mistakenly spends the night with the wrong John. That capitalization isn’t a mistake. Her john is named John and she spends the night with the wrong John, a famous actor, when she was supposed to meet John Zane, a rich movie producer with some serious kinky tendencies. What results is the dirtiest sex triangle you’ll ever read.

Each volume is a super short read and only 99cents for the Kindle. A new volume is released every two weeks and there are currently four available.

Make sure you follow this blog as I’ll be giving away a full set of the series when it’s available. You can follow the author here.

In the meantime, check out volume one and watch this video.