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The Twin Prophecies Rebirth

The Twin Prophecies: Rebirth – High school sophomores Jack Morrow and Violet Ross don’t know each other, but they have similar secrets: she can feel the emotions of others and when he touches people, he can see their future. A tragic accident thrusts them into a world where they learn an even bigger secret: all the mythical beings they believed to be fictional are real. Guided by prophecies predicting the end of the world, the mysterious Dr. Tesla – who leads an alliance of supernatural beings – helps Jack and Violet come to terms with this new world, control the growing powers within them, and face an unspeakable evil determined to possess their very souls. Rebirth is the first in a series that follows Violet Ross; sarcastic, smart, rebellious and Jack Morrow; sensitive, brave and loyal, as they unlock the mysteries behind magic as old as time, team up with a centuries-old vampire, and expose the corruption within the inner sanctum of a mystical alliance – all while trying to graduate from high school. This special edition of The Twin Prophecies: Rebirth includes a special prequel chapter, new chapter titles, and an excerpt from book two, The Twin Prophecies: Origins.

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Blog It Out Bitch

Blog It Out, Bitch – Blog It Out, Bitch is a collection of humor blogs from author/blogger, Nina Perez. Once called The Oprah of Myspace due to her mass appeal and uncanny ability to get readers hooked on almost anything from green tea to TV shows, she successfully launched her own site in 2009 and started a series of spin-off blogs, Blog It Out, Baby. In Blog It Out, Bitch you’ll meet her long-suffering husband Donny, who Nina swears will one day kill her in a fit of “white boy crazy” rage, and her inquisitive daughter, Kali. Each blog is a look into the life of a 30-something wife, mother, blogger, and sometimes bitch.

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Roommate Wanted Cover


Chloe Brooks is having the worst week ever. Her roommate moves out with no notice, the pressure is on at work as she vies for an important promotion, and she just caught her boyfriend with another woman. The last thing she needs is a complication, but that’s exactly what she gets when Patrick Murphy arrives on her doorstep.

Life is good for Patrick Murphy. He has an agent who can help kickstart his acting career, his relationship with his best friends has never been tighter, and he’s finally saved up enough money to move into the city. Now, if he could only find a place to live.

There are many reasons why they shouldn’t be together: They’re both focusing on their careers, Chloe is coming out of a bad breakup, and is it ever a good idea to date your roommate?

Roommate Wanted is the first book in the Sharing Space series, a contemporary romance about an interracial couple who ignore all the reasons why they shouldn’t be together to focus on the one reason they should: love.

Roommate Wanted will be available for Kindle devices in September 2013. A new volume will be available every 2-3 weeks.

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Family Ties Cover

In Family Ties, Sharing Space Book Two: Just as Chloe and Patrick are getting accustomed to their new living arrangement, each is rocked by family secrets that will either break them or send them into each others’ arms.

Chloe finally has the opportunity to take her career to the next level when she’s tasked with managing an important promotion for a major client. While she’s taking advantage of her time to shine, she’s also having a hard time standing by and watching her cousin Crystal make the worst decision of her life.

Patrick is feeling the pressure of being the only one in his family willing to recognize that his little sister, Charlotte, is spiraling out of control. He suspects that her problems are a lot bigger than failing grades and a controlling boyfriend. Will he take on the burden of trying to save her on his own?

Each book in the Sharing Space series is a short, fun, and sexy read. A new book will be available for Kindle download every 3 weeks.

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Slow Burn Cover

Slow Burn is the third book in the six-part Sharing Space series. A new book will be available for Kindle download every three weeks. Each book is a short, fun, and sexy read that will leave you wanting more.

Finally admitting what they share is more than just friendship, Chloe and Patrick begin to explore a romantic relationship.

As Patrick watches his childhood friendships crumble, Chloe’s arms prove to be his one place for comfort. Chloe struggles with her reasons for taking the romance slow. Does she have doubts about Patrick or is she still affected by her ex’s betrayal?

One thing is for sure: Taking it slow may give their new love the best chance at lasting, but ignoring their passion is easier said than done.

Book four in the Sharing Space series will be available just in time for Thanksgiving.

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Taking Chances is the fourth book in the six-part Sharing Space series. A new book will be available for Kindle download every few weeks. Each book is a short, fun, and sexy read that will leave you wanting more.

Chloe and Patrick have been basking in the glow of their semi-secret romance, able to enjoy each other without opening themselves up to the scrutiny and opinions of others. That all changes when Chloe is faced with a family emergency. Why does Chloe’s best friend treat the new relationship like a betrayal?

Patrick comes under scrutiny when Chloe’s mother visits for Thanksgiving. Will he live up to the standards Mrs. Brooks has for her daughter? And how will the Murphy clan react when they learn Patrick’s new love is black?

Book five in the Sharing Space series will be available in mid-December.

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Winter Wishes is the fifth book in the six-part Sharing Space series. A new book will be available for Kindle download every few weeks. Each book is a short, fun, and sexy read that will leave you wanting more.

Tis the season of giving and togetherness, but a conniving ex and a family tragedy threaten to tear apart everything that Chloe and Patrick worked so hard to build.

The sixth and final book in the Sharing Space series will be available in mid-January 2014.

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Before Forever is the sixth and final book in the six-part Sharing Space series. Each book is a short, fun, and sexy read that will leave you wanting more.

Patrick attempts to take advantage of a new opportunity in Los Angeles and Chloe makes a decision that puts more than physical distance between them. While he realizes that fame and fortune mean nothing without love, she begins to wonder if love is enough to overcome their problems.

Can Patrick convince Chloe that they were meant to be, or is it too late?

Before Forever includes an excerpt from Nina Perez’s next contemporary romance, Lily in the Middle, which will be available Summer 2014.

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You can purchase Sharing Space (The Complete Series) for the Kindle, NOOK, and at Kobo. 


You can purchase Sharing Space (The Complete Series) in paperback via Amazon here. 

The Twin Prophecies Origins

Jack Morrow and Violet Ross aren’t fooling themselves: They may have survived an attack by the sadistic witch set on killing them, but they are not out of danger. Grace Bale is still out there, recruiting vampires to help avenge the death of her children.

When the teens learn Grace is being aided by the most powerful and ancient supernaturals, they have no choice but to dig deeper into the origins of the mystical alliance responsible for turning their lives upside down.

As Jack and Violet try to stay one step ahead of the those bent on destroying them, they must master new powers, question old loyalties, and experience first loves.


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Lily in the Middle (Publication Date TBD)

Patrick and Chloe embark on a new journey as husband and wife and parents to twins. Their careers are thriving and their love has never been stronger. Then, their perfect world is shattered by an act of violence, and it leaves them questioning if two people who see the world so differently can make it work.

Sharing Space Two will examine love and race in an ever-changing world where the rules have changed. It’s a serialized novel with a new book available every 4-6 weeks.

New Rules (Book One) will be available on Amazon for the Kindle in March, 2018.

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    • Patricia, with my other site, Project Fandom, taking off, I had to push back publication dates on all of my upcoming novels. Origins is next in November 2014, and Lily in the Middle will be in April 2015. The Sharing Space sequel will be published in the summer of 2015.

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